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We Wanted To Create a Space To Display Our Support For Community #Trends We Support & Hope To Encourage Others To Also Pay Tribute To The Subject - At The Very Least, Provoke Positive Thought. 

Similarly To #SexPositivity & #ConsentForEveryone - Even The #MeToo Movement Had It’s Own Cultural Effect On The Lifestyle and #WomenOfTheLifeStyle is Another Important Community Trend Or Campaign to Pay Attention to, Pay Tribute To and Support ! 

The Goal

To Be Clear, We’re Starting This Online Community Space With 

#WomenOfTheLifestyle Because It Truly Is a Subject That Matters. Particularly Now, With The Current Temperature Of Society’s Controversial Stance on Equality.   

It’s something that most if not all members of our community 

can, would and SHOULD Embrace. 

Raising Awareness is our goal, as is connecting the community. 

It’s Difficult to Say How Long This Particular Trend Will Run For. That’d Be a Community Decision Among The Participants. The best guess would be, until we feel an impact has been made on the Alternative Lifestyle Community. 

As Would The Next and So On and So Forth. This New Space Is a Platform To Have Our Message Seen and Heard, and Of Course,

To Achieve The Rise Of Awareness. 




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The Members Of The Lifestyle!  

It’s Been Created to Address The Trending Topics & Issues That Truly Matter, That Have a Real Effect On The Culture Of Our Community. 

We’ve Chosen To  Start The Space Provided and The New Year With a Topic That’s Incredibly Important To Us, and Likely 

Many Of You as Well! 

The #WomenOfTheLifestyle 

Please Feel Free To Reach Out To Any Of Us With Any 

Questions and Suggestions ! 


The Value is Inspiration & Connecting As a Unit To Overcome Adversity.

Peace Love and Solidarity. May All Visitors Leave As Friends, & Revisit As Supporters. 




ASN Lifestyle Magazine is a Fully Digital Publication - For The Sophisticated Reader.

Not Only is ASN LS Magazine HOT... It’s also a Truly Beautiful Representation of The Lifestyle. It’s a Dynamic Publication that is representative of Everyone in our community, Especially The 

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FRONT PORCH SWINGERS-Hosts One Of The Top Trending LS Podcasts


The Front Porch Swingers! One of the Fastest Growing LS Podcasts On The Market!

About FPS

Welcome to Front Porch Swingers: Chronicles of an Unlikely Couple! Why are we so unlikely, you ask? Well, let’s start with the obvious, what immediately garners attention when we walk into a room: A 20 year age gap! Brenna is 28, and Brian is 48. Throw in our experimentation with BDSM, our diving headfirst into the world of swinging, and the fact that we met on Craiglist Casual Encounters (RIP), and you have the perfect recipe for an unlikely couple. Which is basically a nice way of saying, we’re pretty certain people think we are fucking weird.

The fact that we aren’t really weird at all (or at least only weird in good ways), is the exact reason we want to share our story. Take away the things that people find offensive or taboo about us, and we are just your normal, loving, committed couple. By writing about our experiences (the good, the bad, the sexy, and the ridiculous) we hope to connect with others and shed some light on lifestyles so many would rather keep in the dark.

Check out our Podcast, Front Porch Swingers, on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean and Spotify.

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Sex Uninterupted - Sex Positive Podcast and More!


Most Known For The Ever So Popular Weekly Radio Show

Sex Uninterrupted with Taara & James

They are an early thirties couple sharing their experiences and expertise of consensual non-monogamy, to help bring a fresh perspective to relationships, sex and sexuality. Non-monogamy and the Swinger Lifestyle is so much more than you can imagine. Open your mind, heart and expand your imagination. You will find your desires and fantasies can come true! Listen live every Monday at 8pm Eastern/5 PM Pacific on the Sexy Lifestyle Network

Sex Uninterrupted has grown into quite a sexy website filled with travel blogs, event listings, club reviews, sex articles, courses and recommendations for awesome LS products. They also host monthly social and do lots of LS travel!

BOLO For Taara Rose In The Next ASN Lifestyle Magazine February 1st in the new Addition To ASN Lifestyle Magazine-Women Wanna Know!

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With clothing-optional pool parties, a complimentary dinner buffet and restaurant service available until 2am, 3 full-bars, pool-side DJs, and erotically-themed nightly soirees at our club, Secrets’ has extensive amenities that both couples, and singles alike, crave to make their Lifestyle fantasies become a secret reality.

Soak in our conversation pool, grab a drink from the tiki bar, and enjoy the sunshine! You may be only minutes from all the attractions that Orlando / Kissimmee has to offer, but you’ll experience a fantasy world like no other, as you meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, and satisfy all your secret hungers!


Check Out Secrets and Check Out Aerin, Representing ! 

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Its name stands for the various physiological stages of the Penis & Life: 'Velv' from velvet meaning soft, and 'Or' from vigor meaning hard. 

Velv’Or is the brainchild of Jelle Plantenga. His mission is to get people out of their comfort-zone and EnRich their lives with his creations. Velv’Or EnRings men and EnRiches the lives of men and women with their Erotic Crown Jewels.

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MrAndMrsR702 -Brandy & Allen - LV VIP Event Hosts


Brandy & Allen - Better Known as 

MrAndMrsR702 Online On Social Media 

On All social media and lifestyle sites: MrAndMrsR702

Facebook: Allen Brandy Vegas

A Married Las Vegas Couple, In Love, For 21 Years! 

A Sex Positivity Team , They Love Not Only One Another but They Share a Love For Sex Positivity, and They Love To Share! 

VIP Event Hosts - Living The LV-LS.

Supporters Of The Lifestyle and Non-Traditional, Non-monogamous  Relationships!

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We are Eros and Isis, a happily married, mid 30's couple living in Los Angeles, CA. We are swingers who lead a secret sex life of wife swaps, threesomes, & other naughty adventures with hot sexy couples. Listen to our Priory Society Podcast to learn about the sensual activities inside our Erotic Secret Society!

 Discover Your Pleasure With Our Sexy Lifestyle Podcast. 


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The village of liberty and love, with no prejudice, the one and only in the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Fancy Village embodies a dream-come-true destination for open-minded people. Located in the paradise on Earth, in the Dominican Republic, it is a place where you can live, rest and create.

For this purpose, the place is provided with all necessary facilities: bars and restaurants, shops, car-rental office, buildings with apartments and private villas, club with thematic parties, sport areas, and common recreational areas with beaches and swimming pools. As well as an art gallery and residency, sex museum, research centre, an incubator for SexTech projects and various educational initiatives.

All your dreams and wishes can come true on a paradise island with white-sand beaches and azure ocean, only with lifestyle club Caribbean Fancy.

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Caribbean Fancy is a lifestyle club with an exclusive concept for organized parties in the Caribbean. Our locations are in the best Caribbean Fancy village project for open minded people, real city of love!!!

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Swinging Downunder


Sex Positive Podcast, From, You Guessed It , Australia :) 

C&D Need No Introduction To The Avid Podcast Listeners. If Not, Check Out C&D - Swinging Downunder 

"What do we share? We talk about our global ‘swinging around the world’ sexual adventures, we share and rate events we attend (or host) and talk about everything from what condoms and lube we’re using right now through to double penetration, pussy health and that time that C fell off the sex swing. We love taking the piss (Australian slang) out of each other and enjoy bringing our quirky Aussie banter to you all. 

Stop by and give our podcast a listen, we’d love to hear from you too if you wanted to send us an email or rate us on your favourite podcast catcher. 

Swing soon!


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Allure Lifestyle Group


This Group all about is ALL ABOUT THE SOCIAL Aspect Of Swinging and Social Media . 

A LOT OF FUN! Take a Look! 

and Boy Can They Do A Fantastic Job At Reaching Out and Engaging! 

Check em Out!

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Let's face it, being a swinger is like belonging to a "secret society".

We would like to be able to identify the other members of our secret world without exposing ourselves to anyone else.

The jewelry was designed specifically for this purpose. Imagine being able to identify someone else who is in the lifestyle simply by the bracelet or necklace they are wearing. The important part is, nobody else will see it as anything more than a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Separating nudists from those in the lifestyle has always been a particular challenge. Now, it is very simple.

All of our jewelry is carefully and expertly crafted to display the lifestyle pendant in a way that is both stylish and easy to spot. Our line has been expanded to include all types of jewelry for both men and women plus keychains, purses, golf balls and custom calling cards.

The jewelry is elegant and discreet enough to wear everyday without fear of exposure, or can be worn when you want to be identified by others who are part of this private, special society. This jewelry gives you ability to attract swingers who would never have approached you before.

Now when you suspect someone might be a swinger, no more guess work! Be confident and secure that anyone wearing this pendant is in the lifestyle.

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Rise Above The Stigma. 

Together We Can Make 

A Revolution, A Resolution,

Our Future It’s At Stake.

Where Would We Be If The 

Heroines & Heroes,

That Stood Up and Made

History ..

Where Would We Be If They 

Said “Never-mind” 

Would We Even Be Free? 




Why This Trend Matters

Society In General, Is Plagued With The Notion That Women Are Not Equal, and Are Too Often Objectified. 

In Our Community, Women Have Always Been Leaders. 

Quote John Stossel produced an investigative news report into the swinging lifestyle. “a woman asserted, "It makes women more confident – that they are the ones in charge." End Quote.  

Historically the practice of Swinging emerged from the women’s rights movement. 

In 2018 Going Into 2019... We Believe That It’s Time To Revisit That Movement and Remind Everyone Within Our Community That Women Are Equal To Men and Not Just That... The Lifestyle Wouldn’t Exist Without Us! 


Similarly To #SexPositivity & #ConsentForEveryone - Even The #MeToo Movement Had It’s Own Cultural Effect On The Lifestyle and #WomenOfTheLifeStyle is Another Important Community Trend Or Campaign to Pay Attention to, Pay Tribute To, and Support ! 


About Taara


About Taara - Uncovering Your Sexuality

Sexuality is an important part of who you are. Man or woman, somewhere deep down, we all possess desires, urges, and fantasies. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not is a hundred percent up to you. However, I believe, you do not know your true self until you have become aware of your sexuality and accept all of you for who you are.

I have accepted my sexuality and invite others to do the same. It is a beautiful, freeing experience that has brought me closer to loving my true self. Through this process I have been slut-shamed, body shamed and FELT ashamed. What I did learn, however, is these opinions, these fact-less sentences invented by others, were not actually who I was. They were created because another person who felt insecure about their sexuality or their relationship with sexuality, and wanted me to feel the same way.

I enjoy sex. Sexuality courses freely through my body and I feel my desires and urges every day. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who celebrate this way of being. My boyfriend, James, our friends, and some family support and honor sexuality. The more I accept myself and encourage my sexual growth, the more I feel like me. I no longer worry about what I look like while James and I are fucking nor worry if I am orgasming fast enough – or too soon for that matter! I’m not afraid to ask him if we can invite another woman, or man, into the bedroom. I am grateful for my sexual uniqueness!

Unfortunately, this is not true for most women out there. We live in a highly sexualized environment that is generated mostly to appease men. Everything around us is sexualized, however, if a woman decides to be sexual she is slut-shamed and made to feel like her desires are inappropriate. It can be very confusing out there and in the end I think most women give up on honoring who they are and their sexuality.

As a younger teenager I would look through racy magazines, watch sexy movies and videos and gawk at the beautiful women who seduced me and sparked something erotic in me. I thought sexuality was a beautiful thing and sought out more information. I found The Joy of Sex hidden in my parents’ closet and made regular visits to that book. To me it illustrated a beautiful exploration of one another’s bodies. A true love, understanding, and appreciation for each other was portrayed on every page and I eagerly awaited the day that I would find someone to explore with. Little did I know the repercussions that surrounded being a sexualized woman in everyday life.

I discovered society was quick to pass judgment on a female who was sexually aware and open and men were quick to use them. I stuffed my desires down and decided it was best not to share them – I didn’t want to be known as the slut, whore, or whatever offensive name sexually liberated women were given. Over time, as I denied myself the wholeness of ME, it wasn’t easy to handle. I made choices for myself that aligned with everyone else’s opinions of me and denied what I wanted.

Eventually the repressed sexual goddess inside of me had enough and I could not ignore her any longer.

When I became single, I discovered I was in charge of my sexuality and desires. I slowly became more true to myself and honest about what I wanted to experience. Now I had the opportunity to build my sexual confidence again. I sought out information about open non non-monogamous relationship. I experimented with women, I experimented with kink…and I learned it was ok. I was honest with myself - about what I wanted to experience. I became aware of my boundaries and made certain I communicated them with other people I experimented with. I was playing safe and I felt it really wasn’t anyone else’s business about what my sexual side did but me. Before, I use to feel ashamed of my sexuality, but over time I learned that you just need to put it out there – who you are. Once you release who you are, accept who you are, that shame you felt before loses its strength and its power.

During my sexual revolution, I met someone. He was the first man I met whose sexuality aligned with mine and I welcomed it! It was refreshing to have a sexual partner who was as kinky and open as me. We remained friends (who fucked!) for a long time before discovering we had to be together. What I have experienced with him validated to me the fact that I was not “weird” or “fucked up”. I just wanted more from sex. I wanted to express and embrace the wild woman inside of me. Together we embarked on our sexual journey and have experienced so much together.

His love for who I naturally am inspired me to share our story on Sex Uninterrupted. I ache to have all women feel satisfied sexually; no matter how reserved or how wild. And I desire to have men understand the sexual goddess in all of us!



Learn More

The Spiritual Slut

Stop the Internal Slut Shaming & Experience the Sex You Crave


Are you ready to change that?


I know what it's like. I HAVE BEEN YOU.

I went from cheating, hiding my sexuality and not be true to myself to understanding my sexuality and able to experience what I desired.

I went from feeling repressed sexually to being able to freely communicate my fetishes and desires to my partner and exploring them.

The Spiritual Slut

work with me over 8 weeks


★ 8 video lessons + bonus material

★ coursework to start your sexuality journal

★ join an amazing & supportive Facebook group

★ meet new friends in a safe & judgement-free space

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★ experience less conflicting internal dialogue and shame surrounding your sexuality

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Evolving your consciousness requires all levels to ascend and your sexuality is screaming for more.


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The Front Porch Swingers


A Blog Excerpt Written By Brenna Of FPS

I Won’t Apologize for My Sexuality

When we decided to start a podcast about sex and swinging, I knew I was opening myself up to a lot of scrutiny regarding my sexuality as a woman. I’ve been called a slut (and not in an endearing way). I’ve had men ask me for nudes before even asking my name, assuming I somehow deserve that kind of treatment because I’m a swinger. As far as we have come in the last few years as a society, I am still hyper-aware that there are a lot of people out there that feel I should apologize for being a highly sexual being in a female body. But I refuse, and here’s why:

Reason #1: My Man’s Opinion is Most Important

Brian not only respects my desires to present my sexual self in any way I choose, but he loves it! For example, he gets incredibly turned on when I see a sexy guy or girl on one of the sites we are on and tell him I want to reach out for potential play. He has told me multiple times how much he enjoys my sexual confidence. If he doesn’t expect me to change, I’m sure as hell not going to for anyone else!

Reason #2: Sex is Fun!

Life is very short. There are SO many people in the world who don’t live for pleasure. They hide their desires, they stifle their sexual needs, and as a result, they live very unfulfilled lives. If I had to guess, I would assume these people look back on their lives in old age, wishing they had done things differently. I’ll be damned if I’m going to fall into that trap. I build my sex life around my and my man’s desire to experience fun new sexual adventures as often as possible. I won’t apologize for doing something that enriches our lives in so many ways!

Reason #3: Empowered Women Rule!

One of my very favorite things about the swinging lifestyle is being surrounded by strong and free-thinking women. They have their own opinions, their own boundaries, their own sexual interests. And best of all, they aren’t afraid to express all of them! They do so during conversation, in the form of blogs and podcasts, and via sexual encounters. I’ve learned so much about myself through interactions with these women. Being around all of that positive female energy has made me a better feminist and a better person in general.

Reason #4: This is a “You” Problem, Not a “Me” Problem

When someone seems offended or disgusted by my sexuality, I always question why. I know it has next to nothing to do with me. The negativity stems from something in their life: Inability to think progressively, infidelity or other sex-related issues in their past, a lack of sex education, etc. I don’t take it personally, because I know that my lack of sexual hang-ups gives me an ability to view sex on a very different level.

I’m hopeful for a day when I won’t be asked to apologize for my sexuality. It is one of several reasons that we produce our podcast and blog. I want to show other women that it’s not only okay to be a highly sexual being, it’s awesome! As more and more women continue to talk about their sex lives, their sexual needs, fantasies, and more, it will benefit us all collectively. Female sexuality can be an incredibly powerful force, and we should NEVER be ashamed of it!

For more on female empowerment in the lifestyle, check out our blog at and our sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers!

Check Out The Sexy Blog & Podcast - The Front Porch Swingers

#PROUD Written By Bri Of BriNJoe-The LS Advocate


Proud To Be Me

This Lifestyle We Live... The Lifestyle. 

People May Judge Us, People May Judge Me, Bri... A Woman Of The Lifestyle. 

They May Call Me Names Like Slut & Whore. 

They May Say That I’m Devaluing Myself...

That I Am Loose, and Have No Self Worth. 

StereoTypes Are Ugly... but My Love For The Lifestyle, My Love For My Husband Joe, My Love For My Body and My Love For My Sexuality Is Beautiful. 

I’m Proud To Be a Swinger. I’m Proud To Be Me. Most Of All I am PROUD To Be a Part Of a Community Full Of Love, Life, Laughter...

and Like-Minded Individuals That Share These Same Ideals & Who Share So Much Of What Truly Makes This Way Of Life So Special. 

I’m Proud Of The Lifestyle That We Once Chose, That Now Has Chosen Us. 

I’m a Proud #WomanOfTheLifestyle 

Together a Couple... Of Swingers... Hearts Sweltering In Pride. 

Love, BriNJoe-The LS Advocate 

View More Of What We Love & Share With The Lifestyle Community at BriNJoeLS. Com

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PartnersID-SwingersJewelry.Net Blog Post

Women in the lifestyle, what do they gain from swinging? Posted on February 12, 2019 by penny

What brings women into the lifestyle?

For women who are not in the lifestyle, it is common for them to believe that women are not really in the lifestyle on their own accord.  Most vanilla women tend to think women are being pushed into this by their partners.  This wild life of sex can only be something that appeals to men.

Is this true?  Are women only in the lifestyle to make their significant others happy?  The best way to find out what is fact and what is fiction is to see for one’s self.

While the swinging lifestyle conjures up images of orgies and gang bangs, it really is so much more than that.  It is a lifestyle of friendship and acceptance.  It is a wold of open minded adults coming together for a common good.

What do women gain from the lifestyle? 

The first thing that comes to mind is confidence.  The lifestyle is not only about you and your partner as a couple, it is also about you as an individual.

Let’s be honest, it is not easy growing up female.  Most women would agree that we are held to a much higher standard than men.  First, we are expected to be perfect.  Not only the way that we look and dress but the way that we act.  This is something that begins when we are very young.  Unfortunately the standards don’t really change as we age.  

To begin with, young girls are constantly seeing images of  beautiful women in magazines and on tv.  These ideals are things that girls grow up believing to be of utmost importance.  If having a perfect  body, hair, makeup and clothing is not a must, why are those predominantly the images we see.  

Women have been calling for change for at least the past several decades and although we have made many strides, we are still falling short.  

If you google “Top Female Celebrities 2018” you will see what I’m referring to.  The first 15 names to appear on that list:

Jennifer Lawrence

Scarlett Johansson

Selena Gomez

Natalie Portman

Mila Kunis

Emma Watson

Emma Stone

Ariana Grande

Nina Dobrev

Megan Fox

Blake Lively



Charlize Theron

Jessica Alba

There were still two more women before I even got to Angelina Jolie.  Imagine, this is the list and I did not even query attractive or hot in my search.  Imagine if I had…

So here are the top female celebrities from 2018. These are the faces and bodies that little girls are growing up comparing themselves to.  It is easy to see why women are so critical of their own looks. 

The other standard that only seems to apply to women is with regard to sex.  When men sleep around they are studs, when women do it they are whores.  Why the double standard?

Enter the lifestyle…

Before entering the lifestyle, I imagined every woman would be a perfect 10.  The thought of competing with such beautiful women for the attention of men seemed daunting.  It was reminiscent of high school and made me very nervous.  

Our first night to a swing club proved me wrong.  The variety of women that were in the club was a huge surprise.  Some old, some young, some thin, some over weight, some tall, some short, etc.  Many women were wearing sexy dresses, many wore jeans and sandals.   There was definitely no predominant “type” of woman.

It did not take long to discover that women in the club were sexy for a whole different reason than the size of their body parts.  I also discovered that women in the lifestyle were applauded and held in high regard for their sexuality.  Suddenly, the double standard was gone.  Women who had spent their lives hiding their desire to explore sex and their sexuality were applauded.

The lifestyle empowers women.  It allows them the freedom of expression in every way possible. No more judgment about either their size or their sexual appetite.  

The lifestyle proves to women that regardless of their appearance, others will find them attractive.  Some people like bigger women, some like smaller, just like women all have different ideas of what makes a man or another woman attractive.

Women have a lot of power in the lifestyle and it spills into their real lives as well.  The lifestyle gives a voice to women.  Women soon discover that they are not there to please their partners but rather to please themselves.  The lifestyle teaches women to love their bodies.  Many lifestyle venues are a mixture of nudists and swingers, both who seem confident in their naked bodies.  This is a beautiful thing.

The bottom line?  What women gain from swinging is more than just fabulous sex.  It allows them the freedom to be who they are and to feel good about it.  

Check out our lifestyle jewelry! Makes it easy to spot and meet other swingers!  


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